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A labelled box capable of being checked or unchecked


Source position: stdctrls.pp line 1289

type TToggleBox = class(TCustomCheckBox)

  class procedure WSRegisterClass; override;


Registers this component class with the current WidgetSet.


  procedure CreateParams(); override;


  constructor Create(); override;


  property AllowGrayed;


Allows the check box to be in a "grayed" state.

  property Anchors;


The set of anchor definitions for this control.

  property AutoSize;


Allows to automatically adjust the size of the control, according to its content.

  property BidiMode;

  property BorderSpacing;


Determines the inner and outer border spacing for this control.

  property Caption;


The text describing the control to the user.

  property Checked;


The state of the check mark. Here always False, can be implemented in derived classes.

  property Color;

  property Constraints;

  property DragCursor;


The cursor shape shown while the control is dragged.

  property DragKind;


The operation when the control is dragged - Drag or Dock.

  property DragMode;


Allows the user to drag the control.

  property Enabled;


Determines whether the control reacts on mouse or keyboard input.

  property Font;

  property Hint;


The text to show in the Hint window for this control.

  property OnChange;


Handler for any change in properties of the control.

  property OnClick;


Notification handler for mouse clicks.

  property OnDragDrop;


This handler determines the action on an drop onto this control, in a drag-drop operation.

  property OnDragOver;


Event handler for a control being dragged over this control.

  property OnEndDrag;


Notification handler for the end of a dragging operation.

  property OnEnter;


Handler for control receiving the focus.

  property OnExit;


Handler for control loosing the focus. This is a good place for checking the finished user input.

  property OnMouseDown;


Event handler for mouse button going down.

  property OnMouseEnter;

  property OnMouseLeave;

  property OnMouseMove;


Event handler for mouse movement within the control.

  property OnMouseUp;


Event handler for mouse button going up.

  property OnStartDrag;


Event handler for the start of a dragging operation.

  property ParentBidiMode;

  property ParentFont;

  property ParentShowHint;


If true, the value of ShowHint for the control will be the same as the one from the Parent. Default is true.

  property PopupMenu;


A context-sensitive menu that pops up when the right mouse button is clicked over this control

  property ShowHint;


Enables the Hint display.

  property State;


Indicates whether the check box is checked (selected), unchecked (deselected) or grayed (disabled).

  property TabOrder;


Determines the sequence of controls, reachable when the user presses the Tab key.

  property TabStop;


Allows the user to navigate to this control, by pressing the Tab key.

  property Visible;


Allows to show or hide the control, and all of its children.





A labelled box capable of being checked or unchecked




The base class for checkbox components.




The base class for various button controls.




The base class for controls which can contain other (child) controls.




The base class for visible controls.




The base class for LCL components associated with widgets.








The Application Programmer is responsible for ensuring that the OnClick event handler recognises the State of the box, takes the appropriate Action and places the State into the next appropriate value

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