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The background color of the control.


Source position: controls.pp line 1555

public property TControl.Color: TColor
  read FColor
  write SetColor
  stored ColorIsStored
  default clDefault;


The default Color is the same as the parent window Color. If the color is clDefault then the result will need to be passed through GetDefaultColor to resolve clDefault. Convenience routines which obtains the color resolving clDefault and ParentColor are also provided as TControl.GetColorResolvingParent and TControl.GetRGBColorResolvingParent

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If true, the Color of the control will be the same as the one from the Parent. Default is true.





Get the default color for this widget, from Parent or color type.



Returns the color of the control while resolving clDefault and ParentColor



Returns a RGB value for the color of the control

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